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Power of Self-Compassion

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'Improve Your Happiness At Work With The Power Of Self-Compassion', is a unique online program that helps you to move away from self-criticism and towards self-compassion, which is much more effective to achieve success and happiness and work, improving your health, developing positive relationships, and enjoying a fulfilling career. The course will help you: * become more aware of yourself * be able to face problems at work with ease and peace * understand the science behind the benefits * manage with compassion versus criticism * quickly move to problem-solving rather than fright or flight responses * separate problems at work from the self * build resilience to cope with challenges in the workplace * develop emotional intelligence * have gratitude every day You will overcome the struggles of why most people fail to achieve happiness in the workplace. Improve Your Performance With The Power Of Self-Compassion online course is the clearest and most predictable system for anyone serious about doing what it takes to achieve their goals of becoming more compassionate, better people managers and colleagues.

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Power of Self-Compassion

Power of Self-Compassion

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