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Compassionate PROMISE: Unlocking Human Potential through a High-Performance Compassionate Culture.

Great organizations have great cultures. To build a high-performing organisation leaders must commit to creating the right operating model to foster compassion, kindness, growth, innovation, collaboration and future thinking.

Introducing The 'Compassionate PROMISE Program', Empowering Organizations To Implement A Strategy of Compassion.

Our Compassionate PROMISE Program framework is based on the seven most impactful factors that include, people, leadership, operating model and structure. Our PROMISE model is flexible, simple and very comprehensive. It has been designed to be employee-centric, a force-multiplier and aligned to leadership.

People & Professional Development

The framework emphasises the importance of nurturing and developing talent, providing opportunities for growth, and creating a strong learning culture.

Organisational Structure & Leadership Styles

The framework encourages organisations to adopt structures and leadership styles that empower employees, promote collaboration, and facilitate innovation.

Management System

The Compassionate PROMISE framework emphasises the need for efficient and effective management systems that align with organizational goals and support a culture of growth and innovation.

Innovation and Crirical Thinking

The framework encourages organisations to foster a culture of innovation by nurturing creative thinking, embracing experimentation, and learning from failure.

Strategic Future

The Compassionate PROMISE framework emphasises the need for organizations to develop a clear vision for the future, ensuring they remain agile and adaptable in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Employee Experience

The framework highlights the importance of creating a positive and engaging work environment that supports employee well-being, satisfaction, and commitment.

Rewards & Recognition

The Compassioante PROMISE framework highlights the need for fair and transparent reward systems that acknowledge employee contributions and motivate them to strive for excellence

Transform into a compassionate business leader through our program, where you'll learn to combine strategic acumen with empathy, fostering a culture of compassion that drives success and positive impact


Unlock the full potential of your team or function with our program, where you'll develop the skills to lead with compassion, collaboration, and excellence, creating a high-performing and cohesive unit that achieves extraordinary results


Elevate your entire organisation with our transformative program, fostering a culture of compassionate leadership across all levels, driving innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth for a thriving and purpose-driven company.


Experience the profound impact of compassion in just one day. Join our immersive workshop to gain insights, tools, and strategies that cultivate empathy, foster positive relationships, and create a compassionate work environment, driving productivity, engagement, and well-being for all.

1-day Workshop
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David Burnet, CEO & Founder, Invidar

I continue to learn so much from Nigel and his dedication to my success is a testament to his knowledge and expertise. Unlike many coaches, Nigel knows what it is like to walk in an entrepreneurs shoes. The Compassionate PROMISE Program has transformed my thinking in how to lead a business in these modern and complex times.  

Nigel Marrison, CEO, Blue ESG

My business has been transformed from now having a clear strategy that is aligned to global go-to-market plan. We are now able to point our activities to common objective that is adding immense value to the company.

Caisha Sheikh, CEO, Wearswell

I have never met anyone so committed to a cause like Nigel. His dedication to helping the workplace become a happier place is amazing. 

Chris Gabriel, Chief Marketing Officer, NTT Data Business Systems

Nigel is one of the most inspiring leaders I have worked with. He is a great speaker and his insights on compassionate leadership are second to none.

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