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Compassion is our best Human Resource, so let's use it!

In today's business landscape, there is an unprecedented call to prioritise people, culture and leadership like never before.

Employees are feeling sadness or anger on a daily basis. 50% report having stress at work with 37% feeling worried on a daily basis.

Of the global workforce are disengaged and emotionally detatetched from their managers and company.

Only 14% of the global workforce feels that they are thriving at work. This is why 44% of employee's are quietly quitting their job.

The annual global financial damage to our economy from lost productivity and reducued hourly output.

How we help 


Fostering a Resilient and Radiant Culture for the Present Age.
By rebuilding from within we help our customers create a healthy and supportive work environment by addressing cultural toxicity and operational limitations, resulting in happier employees, improved employee-retention and a stronger reputation.


Harnessing Compassion to Maximize Human Performance.

By putting compassion first, we help our customers unlock their true potential in improving mental attitudes and minimizing stress and anxiety. Leaders thrive by being able to do hard things humanly, leading to greater output and financial performance.


Driving Ongoing ESG Improvements for Responsible Working Practices.

By implementing sustainable strategies and fostering a culture of responsibility, our customers build trust with their employees, customers, and shareholders, creating a positive impact on their performance, reputation and long-term success.

The Story of Compassion in Business

"Compassion is the thread that binds the fabric of change" 

After 20 years of creating high-performing teams and thriving work cultures our founder, Nigel Kilpatrick, experienced two back-to-back highly toxic senior leadership environments, where he found himself becoming a system of the toxic environment he was trying to avoid. After much soul searching he finally exited and joined the international leadership team of a major global technology company where he implemented his compassionate operating model enabling him to transform the business and successfully lead his teams through a very high-growth period during Covid-19.  He subsequently set up Compassion in Business to help organisations navigate the new era of leadership, culture, performance and operations and created the free-to-join movement called, 'Champions of Compassion'  to lobby for and to facilitate change in toxic working practices and fear-led leadership.

Functions We Support

Sales Leaders

Sales leaders should prioritize compassion in business as it brings multiple benefits. Compassion fosters stronger relationships with customers, improves team dynamics, and enhances sales performance. By embracing compassion, sales leaders can create a more empathetic and successful sales culture

CEOs & Founders

Compassion in business benefits CEOs and founders. It fosters a positive work environment, improves employee morale, productivity, and well-being. It strengthens relationships, builds trust, and enhances effective leadership. By embracing compassion, CEOs and founders can create a thriving and socially responsible organization.

HR & People

Compassion in business benefits HR and People leaders. It enhances engagement, productivity, and well-being, creating a positive work environment. It strengthens relationships, promotes effective leadership, and ensures ISO 45003 compliance. Embracing compassion drives the success of the HR and People function.

People Development

People development managers should prioritize compassion in business as it brings multiple benefits. Compassion fosters employee growth, engagement, and well-being. It creates a supportive and nurturing environment for learning and development, leading to enhanced skills, increased motivation, and improved overall performance.

Organizational Change

Organization change leaders should prioritize compassion in business as it yields numerous advantages. Compassion enhances employee buy-in and resilience during times of change, fosters trust, and promotes a positive organizational culture. By embracing compassion, change leaders can navigate transitions more successfully and drive lasting transformation.



Our Compassionate Leadership Coaching is the ultimate solution for those who aspire to elevate their leadership style to unprecedented heights. We help you become the leader that colleagues truly crave and require in these challenging times.  


Our Compassionate Leadership, Operational Excellence and Sales Excellence events  focus on  helping organisations and business leaders develop a compassionate strategy and operating model. . By leveraging our expertise, organisations can navigate the challenges they face with compassion and empathy, ensuring long-term success and positive impact.


Our Programs are designed to unlock human potential through a High-Performance Compassionate Culture.By implementing our programs, organizations can cultivate a culture that not only drives high performance but also prioritizes empathy, understanding, and personal growth. We believe that by fostering a compassionate culture, organizations can unlock the full potential of their employees and achieve long-term success.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. .

Nigel, just gets it. He understands the pressures of business because he has lived it. He lives and breathes compassion in business and we are all the better for it.

Richard Orme, CEO
Ocean Pact

Nigel is one of the most inspiring leaders I have worked with. He is a great speaker and his insights on compassionate leadership are second to none.

Chris Gabriel, CSOn

Sapphire Systems  (NTT Data)

I have never met anyone so committed to a cause like Nigel. His dedication to helping the workplace become a happier place is amazing. 

Caisha SheSikh, CEO


Bournemouth Foodbank


Blue ESG

Our Clients

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