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Leading with Compassion: Empowering Leaders to Inspire Change, Foster Growth and Find Fulfillment in the Modern Workplace.

To build a high-performing organization, leaders must recognize that while the world of selling has dramatically changed in recent years, the function of selling has often remained outdated. Smart organizations and winning sales leaders must commit to creating the right sales operating model that fosters compassion, kindness, growth, innovation, collaboration, and future thinking. 

Introducing The 'Compassionate Leader Program'. A 90-day transformational journey designed to elevate your influence and effectiveness.

By embracing our guidance, not only will you drive success in your professional life, but you'll also reap the benefits of improved health, increased emotional intelligence and a more fulfilling personal life. Discover the power of leading with purpose and meaning, creating a positive ripple effect that extends beyond the workplace.

Your Journey to Compassionate Leadership

Current Traits

The initial stage of the 90-day compassionate leadership program involves evaluating your existing leadership approach and examining its effectiveness within your present setting. Additionally, this step entails assessing personal levels of satisfaction, happiness, and well-being. The outcome of this review is to identify where you sit in the Compassionate Leadership Matrix.


In the second step of the 90-day compassionate leadership program, we focus on identifying the barriers that hinder you from becoming a  compassionate leader. These obstacles can range from operational constraints and peer dynamics to policy restrictions, fear, and time constraints. Our team works closely with you to develop a tailored plan that effectively overcomes these obstacles, enabling you to embody compassionate leadership successfully.

10 Traits of Compassionate Leadership

Moving on to the next step, we delve into gaining a profound understanding of our distinctive 10 Traits of Compassionate Leadership. This pivotal stage focuses on learning how to effectively incorporate each trait into both your professional and personal life. The 10 Traits of Compassionate Leadership serve as the bedrock for compassionate leadership, providing a pathway to transcend outdated leadership styles and practices. Throughout this stage, you will receive daily guidance on applying one trait at a time, utilizing them as building blocks towards achieving success.

Implementing the new You

n the subsequent step, we focus on assisting you in implementing all the knowledge and skills you have acquired thus far. Our team provides support to help you effectively communicate your new leadership approach to your teams and peers. As a result, people will witness a noticeable and positive transformation in your leadership style. We are committed to helping you maintain this change and navigate the path towards a happier, healthier, and more productive you.

You're the Coach

In the subsequent step, as you continue to lead with compassion and your team embraces the positive changes, you are now ready to take on the role of coaching others and driving organizational changes. This step involves implementing various changes within the wider organization, such as adjusting policies, refining processes, and providing training opportunities. The ultimate outcome is that you leverage your newfound leadership skills to support and guide others, creating a ripple effect of compassionate leadership throughout the organization.

Measuring Effictiveness

In the final step, we focus on implementing a regime of continuous performance improvement and measuring the tangible and intangible benefits of compassionate leadership within your organization. Our team equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop a "Compassionate Dashboard," which allows you to track and showcase the fiscal, human performance, and operational improvements resulting from compassionate leadership. This data-driven approach provides you with concrete evidence of the positive impact and effectiveness of your compassionate leadership practices.

The 90-Day Compassionate Leadership Program is designed to be a practical and transformative journey that brings numerous benefits to those who commit to it. The program does not require daily participation, but rather begins with an initial half-day session dedicated to assessing your current leadership style and well-being. Following this, the program involves a weekly commitment of 90-minute online sessions.

How it starts...

Throughout the program, you will engage in various activities, including homework assignments, self-reflection exercises, and regular reviews. These components are carefully structured to help you internalize and apply the principles of compassionate leadership in both your work and personal life.

During the Program...

By dedicating yourself to the 90-Day Compassionate Leadership Program, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

1. Enhanced Leadership Effectiveness: By evaluating and refining your leadership approach, you will become more effective in guiding and inspiring others.

2. Improved Well-being: The program acknowledges the importance of personal satisfaction, happiness, and health, helping you find balance and fulfillment in both your professional and personal spheres.

3. Overcoming Obstacles: Through dedicated support and a customized plan, you will learn how to overcome obstacles that hinder compassionate leadership, enabling you to lead with empathy and positivity.

4. Application of the '10 Traits': You will gain a deep understanding of the 10 Traits of Compassionate Leadership and learn how to apply them to your work and personal life, fostering positive change and growth.

5. Effective Communication: The program will equip you with the skills to effectively communicate your new leadership approach to your teams and peers, leading to improved collaboration and team dynamics.

6. Coaching and Organizational Impact: As you progress, you will have the opportunity to coach others and drive compassionate leadership changes within your organization, creating a positive and supportive work environment.

7. Measurable Benefits: Through continuous performance improvement and the development of a "Compassionate Dashboard," you will be able to measure and demonstrate the quantifiable and qualitative benefits of compassionate leadership within your organization.

By committing to the 90-Day Compassionate Leadership Program, you are embarking on a transformative journey that will not only enhance your leadership skills but also positively impact your well-being and the overall success of your organization.

The end results...

How does it work?

Phil Richardson, Chair, CIO NHS

If you are looking for someone who is capable of seeing the vision and then able to work strategically with your team to implement that vision then you need to talk to Nigel. I asked Nigel to help with the implementation of a massive growth strategy for on the of the UK’s leading charities.

Patrick Willard, SAE

Nigel manages to bring some unique skills to the world of sales management.  His emphasis is on the readiness of the sales team to be able to perform. 
I find this ability to be a mentor and a leader with compassionate to be a very rare thing indeed.

Caisha Sheikh, CEO, Wearswell

Nigel is hands down one of the most passionate, caring and loving individuals that I've had the honour to work with.

Freya Scammells, CEO Purpose Giving

I have now worked at a couple of companies where I have had the chance to learn from Nigel about compassion in leadership.
IIn my work with technology and AI companies I have seen companies struggling to cope with the changing expectations of their employees. Nigel and compassion in leadership offers a measurable leadership training service that makes a business more compassionate. His wealth of experience across various industries makes his evidence backed training easy to adopt and highly impactful.

Chris Gabriel, Chief Marketing Officer, NTT Data Business Systems

Nigel is one of the most inspiring leaders I have worked with. He is a great speaker and his insights on compassionate leadership are second to none.

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