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Supercharge Your Sales Success With The Sales Excellence Program

To build a high-performing sales organization, leaders must recognize that while the world of selling has dramatically changed in recent years, the function of selling has often remained outdated. Smart organizations and winning sales leaders must commit to creating the right sales operating model that fosters compassion, kindness, growth, innovation, collaboration, and future thinking. 

Introducing The 'Sales Excellence Program'. A 90-day transformational journey towards sales success and peak performance.

The Sales Excellence Program is a 90-day transformational journey designed to optimize sales strategy, streamline sales operations, refine processes, empower sales teams, and ensure accurate reporting. By aligning these critical elements, the program empowers sales leaders to foster a culture of excellence, drive impactful growth, and transform their organization into a thriving sales powerhouse."

Sales Strategy

Our team will conduct a comprehensive analysis and assessment to determine if your company has the right sales strategy that aligns with your goals, market dynamics, and customer needs.

Sales Methodology

Once we have understood the right sales strategy, our team will assess your current sales methodology to ensure alignment with your strategy, optimize effectiveness, and drive sales success.

Sales Process

Once the right sales methodology has been identified, we will review and define the appropriate sales process, aligning it with the chosen methodology and sales strategy. Our sequential approach ensures a cohesive and effective sales execution that maximizes results.

Sales Teams & Personas

To ensure the effectiveness of your sales teams and personas, we will assess the alignment of personnel with the desired sales strategy, evaluating their experience, attitude, and expectations. Our goal is to ensure that the right individuals with the appropriate skill sets and mindset are in place to drive sales success and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Sales Commission Plans

Once the right salespeople are in place, our next step is to ensure that the sales compensation plans are properly designed and aligned with the sales strategy. Through careful analysis and consideration, we will optimize the compensation structure to incentivize desired behaviours, motivate the sales team, and drive alignment with business objectives.

Sales Operations

To support all the previous steps, it is imperative to have appropriate sales operations in place, ensuring procurement effectiveness, sales support, and legal compliance. We will assess and optimize your sales operations to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure seamless coordination between sales, procurement, support functions, and legal compliance to maximize overall sales effectiveness.

Sales Reporting

With the right sales operations in place, our next step is to establish the appropriate reporting and forecasting cadences, leveraging suitable CRM tools that are fit for purpose. By implementing robust reporting mechanisms and leveraging advanced CRM technology, we enable accurate tracking, analysis, and forecasting of sales performance, empowering data-driven decision-making and facilitating proactive sales management.

Sales Incentive Programs

In order to create the right sales culture, we will focus on designing and implementing the right sales incentives that encourage both team and individual effectiveness. By aligning incentives with desired behaviors and outcomes, we foster a motivating and performance-driven environment that supports collaboration, healthy competition, and individual growth, ultimately leading to overall sales success.

Sales Development

Now that all the elements of a high-performing sales team are in place, the next step is to continually improve, develop, and enable your sales team to grow and reach their full potential. Through ongoing training, coaching, and professional development initiatives, we will empower your sales team to enhance their skills, stay ahead of industry trends, and adapt to evolving customer needs. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth, we ensure that your sales team remains at the forefront of the sales landscape, driving sustainable success for your organization.

Our 9-step Program

The Sales Excellence Program equips sales leaders with the strategies, tools, and insights needed to transform their sales teams into high-performing units. Through this 90-day journey, sales leaders will gain a deep understanding of modern sales techniques, refine their sales strategy, optimize sales operations, empower their salespeople, and enhance accurate reporting. By the end of the program, sales leaders will have the knowledge and skills to drive sales growth, build strong sales cultures, and navigate the ever-changing sales landscape with confidence.

Sales Leaders

The Sales Excellence Program is designed to support founders who are unfamiliar with building effective sales strategies and operations. Over the course of 90 days, founders will gain valuable knowledge and actionable insights to develop a solid sales foundation. From understanding sales strategy to implementing efficient operations, refining processes, empowering sales teams, and ensuring accurate reporting, this program will equip founders with the necessary tools to propel their sales functions forward. By the end of the program, founders will have the confidence and expertise to build and lead successful sales teams, driving business growth and achieving sales objectives."


For Senior Leadership Teams and Executive Committees seeking to address a drop in revenue or sales team performance, the Sales Excellence Program offers an independent and experienced review of the entire sales function. With a focus on identifying underlying issues and implementing effective solutions, this 90-day program provides a comprehensive analysis of sales strategy, operations, processes, and team dynamics. Through a rigorous assessment and expert guidance, the program uncovers the root causes of performance challenges and delivers actionable recommendations to revitalize the sales function. By leveraging the program's insights, senior leaders can drive strategic changes, optimize performance, and reinvigorate revenue growth for their organization.

Ex-Co/SLT & Boards

For organizations seeking a condensed yet impactful experience, the Sales Excellence Program offers a transformative 1-day workshop. This intensive session is designed to provide a concentrated dose of insights, strategies, and practical tools to elevate sales performance. Led by experienced facilitators, the workshop dives deep into key areas such as sales strategy, operations, processes, and empowering sales teams. Participants will gain actionable knowledge, identify opportunities for improvement, and leave with a clear roadmap to drive immediate results. Whether it's aligning sales strategy, refining processes, or empowering salespeople, this immersive workshop equips organizations with the tools and insights needed to ignite a rapid sales transformation and accelerate revenue growth."

Sales Excellence 1-day Workshop
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Our Founder

He is an multi-award winning and  accomplished Entrepreneur and C-Suite Executive with a passion for compassionate leadership. With extensive experience in esteemed international senior leadership positions and a track record of driving success, he empowers Sales Leaders, SLTs, and Boards to achieve transformative change. Recognized for his innovative strategies and impressive growth, he has been ranked among the top companies in prestigious lists such as the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 and the Financial Times Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe.

With expertise in business strategy, operational transformation, and sales management, he provides personalized support and tailored solutions to navigate the challenges of today's landscape. His dedication to nurturing talent and sharing insights as a business mentor reflects his commitment to giving back to society. As a thought leader in Compassionate Leadership and the host of 'The Compassion Show' podcast, he brings a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to help Sales Leaders, SLTs, and Boards overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable success. For those seeking to take their sales performance to new heights, he is the trusted advisor you need.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, he contributes back to society through various volunteer roles. He serve as a business mentor at Enterprise Nation, offering guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs. As a member of the Association of British Mentors, he is committed to nurturing and developing talent and sharing my knowledge and insights with the next generation of business leaders. He also is very proud to be a active trained volunteer for the charity Samaritans.

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Phil Richardson, Chair, CIO NHS

If you are looking for someone who is capable of seeing the vision and then able to work strategically with your team to implement that vision then you need to talk to Nigel. I asked Nigel to help with the implementation of a massive growth strategy for on the of the UK’s leading charities.

Patrick Willard, SAE

Nigel manages to bring some unique skills to the world of sales management.  His emphasis is on the readiness of the sales team to be able to perform. 
I find this ability to be a mentor and a leader with compassionate to be a very rare thing indeed.

Caisha Sheikh, CEO, Wearswell

Nigel is hands down one of the most passionate, caring and loving individuals that I've had the honour to work with.

Freya Scammells, CEO Purpose Giving

I have now worked at a couple of companies where I have had the chance to learn from Nigel about compassion in leadership.
IIn my work with technology and AI companies I have seen companies struggling to cope with the changing expectations of their employees. Nigel and compassion in leadership offers a measurable leadership training service that makes a business more compassionate. His wealth of experience across various industries makes his evidence backed training easy to adopt and highly impactful.

Chris Gabriel, Chief Marketing Officer, NTT Data Business Systems

Nigel is one of the most inspiring leaders I have worked with. He is a great speaker and his insights on compassionate leadership are second to none.

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